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Popped Perfect

I remember being a toddler and sitting on the kitchen counter while watching my mother make caramel and using the same recipe in different ways depending on how long my favorite delicacy was cooked. Just as I learned from my mother, my mother and aunts learned from my grandmother who has had great influence on my love for the art of creating and blending flavors. I happily remember my mom and her sisters gathering before each holiday to create mounds of sweets loaded onto tables already groaning with traditional family favorites.

Respect for this country and those who serve to keep us free is another of my family’s traditions. Since my grandmother’s times, and perhaps even earlier, my family invited locally stationed members of the armed services into our homes for holiday meals and celebrations.

In addition, each generation of my family has had at least one member as part of the armed services including one Vietnam Veteran, one Army Veteran and one is currently serving in the Arkansas Air Guard.

Tamera Lewis,


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Birthday Cake - 6oz bag


Caramel - 6oz bag


Caramel Apple - 6oz bag


Caramel Peanuts - 6oz bag


Espresso Caramel - 6oz bag